The telefrancais theme song was written by M Night Shyamalan and performed by Lord Ananas with backup vocals from Superstar Quebecois, shania twain. The lyrics were greatly inspired by the works of Dr Suess and Metallica. The signature Shyamalan twist is shown when Téléfrançais is said a third time at the end of the song. The word Téléfrançais is shown twice at the end so people are left asuming that Téléfrançais will only be said twice but suddenly, Jacquor says Téléfrançais a third time. What a Twist indeed!

Bill Clinton - "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"


Téléfrançais! Téléfrançais! Bonjour! Allô! Salut! Téléfrançais! Téléfrançais! Lisez! Parlez avec nous! C’est formidable! Exceptionnel! C’est excellent! Sensationnel! C’est merveilleux! C’est magnifique! Téléfrançais! fantastique! Téléfrançais! Téléfrançais! Téléfrançais!


This revolutionary theme song went on to inspire children all around the world. 10 year old Pokemon trainer Ash Ketchum had this to say: "The theme song for Téléfrançais has inspired be to become the best, like no one ever was." Ketchum then went on to travel across the land, searching far and wide for each pokemon to understand the power that's inside. LMAO