Jaques (Left) Sophie (Middle) Lord Ananas (Right)

Sophie is Jaques best friend who lives in the local Junkyard. Unlike Jaques, she is quite sane however she goes along with his nonsense to make him feel better. 

Sophie's FamilyEdit

Being poor, Sophie's Mother was forced to become a hooker for extra cash while her Dad cooked his own Meth to sell to the Cartel. Later on in the third season the viewers learn that the pineapple was Sophie’s father the whole time. He turned himself into a pineapple so he could get closer to her without violating the terms of the restraining order.

Sophie TodayEdit

Being quite smart from reading all of the crap people tossed out in the junkyard, Sophie was able to get a good education for free. She became a well known brain surgeon, until the day she saw Jacques for the first time in 20 years.

It turns out he needed her help. He told her a large alien swarm was about to invade New York City. He needed her to work with Samuel L Jackson to fight the aliens. Although Sophie survived the Anana's brainwashing, she still felt violated, and decided to also create a new life, with a new name. She trained in martial arts and became Natasha Romanoff, who fought alongside her childhood friend Jaques (now known as Tony Stark) in the invasion.

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