Ananas (Left) Jaques (Right)


Jaques today (age 39)

Jaques is a little boy with a rare type of schizophrenia that causes him to have visions of ananas qui parle, singing skeletons and other mysterious occurances. Despite him always denying what he sees: "Mais les ananas ne peut pas parler." People can't  help but feel sorry for the poor boy.

Jaques FamilyEdit

Jaques Mother is a recovering alchoholic with a history of Montreal gang violence. His father is the leader of the Bloc Quebecois seperatist movement. 

Jaques teenage yearsEdit

After escaping from the local asylum, a 14 year old Jaques left Quebec to start a new life. He used his knowledge of persuasion to strike rich in New York city and is now one of the richest men alive. However so the authorities couldn't catch up to him, he has created an alibi for himsef: Tony Stark.

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