Ananas is a pineapple who is the main face of the Canadian children's show, Téléfrançais!.

Appearance Edit

Ananas looks like a pineapple, as expected of a pineapple. However, unlike traditional pineapples, l'Ananas has arms and legs, as well as a face. As a result, it can also speak, which gives Jacques a shock when he first meets it.

Personality Edit

Ananas is very driven and determined to do things, regardless of whether others, such as the children, believe it is possible for a pineapple to do said things. These activities can range from dancing, to parachuting, or going camping.

However, it usually ends up proving the children wrong. A good example of this is in the first episode, where the children, the pilot, and pineapple decide to hold a vote on whether or not a pineapple can parachute. It comes down to a 2 and 2 tie, with Jaques and Sophie voting "non" ("no" in French) whereas Pilote and L'ananas vote "oui" ("yes" in French). Calling upon the help of others, the final vote ends up 2,864,327 for "oui", and 3 for "non"[1].

References Edit

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